Life in Lavernat? Yes! there is

Life in Lavernat? Yes! there is

We’ve been a bit naughty! well quite a bit naughty really ????…

Having arrived at our new home in June and had the final signing in July, you’d have thought that we would have been to our local bar and become part of the furniture quite a while ago, Oui? 

NON! Oh we have many excuses, urrmmm I mean valid reasons why this hasn’t happened, we’ve been really flipping busy!

We had to get the fences up for the Llamas to be delivered, turn a hangar into a mahoosive stable, put tents up, put a pool up (now that’s another story, I strongly advise against it in July 40 degree heat on a sloping bit of land, oh blooming heck wait for all the advice to now follow????????)  Plus making tracks, literally, clearing streams blah di blah di blah, So we understand, you move to France, you must become part of your commune, but we’ve been busy.

Ok we’re busted, we have been putting it off, neither of us are very good at French and although we are learning and ever so slightly better than 2 months ago, it’s not good. I have long silences whilst I type away on google translate and wait (not very) patiently for much needed help. Nigel bless him, Manchester accent and limited French…… ????????????

So yesterday we decided to take a walk to our Village where there was a peace fete celebrating the end of the 1st World War. We walked the long way round to give the dogs a bit of a stretch, and as we got close to the village we saw a couple of familiar faces. The man we bought the house off had popped round a few weeks ago, and he bought his friend from the village for us to meet. Lovely couple who helped Nigel fix the well water pipe thingy that was leaking.

He came to his fence and greeted us and mentioned Cafe, now Nigel thought this was him asking if we where we going to the cafe and confidently nodded and said Oui, Oui! Gate opened we were ushered in, sat down and presented with Coffee. I had a giggle building inside….

Now actually, It wasn’t too bad, you could even say it was quite gorgeous…. Us with little French, this couple with little English, but we had a lovely chat (basic) and coffee and I’m pretty sure we will again soon. Yay we have friends in the village!

Soon after we arrived at the local bar, braved it, ordered in French to find the owner speaks fluent English. We had a lovely time, a coffee which turned into a few beers and when we got home I had a lovely message from a lady whose been over here from 13 odd years and is coming for coffee and to natter to the llamas (and me hopefully) on Wednesday.

All in the bag and nothing to worry about, we continue to know how lucky we have been ❤❤