Missy – My Story

Missy – My Story

Part TWO

East Sussex. October 2012

In East Sussex, Jada had her hands, her house and her heart full, specifically with dogs, more specifically, collies and collie crosses from Southern Ireland.

A few years previously Jada had rescued (some say was rescued by) an Irish Collie Dog. Jada had a friend that worked in a vets surgery in County Kerry who told her about the plight of homeless and discarded Irish dogs. Jada’s friend told her about the countless dogs that were dumped at their surgery and how they were struggling to find forever homes, or even for right now fosterers, to avoid these souls being sent to the pound.

Jada had an idea.

Jada lived in a small housing association terrace, 2 bedrooms, postage stamp for a garden. Her house was already squished full with her husband, her boy, her dogs and her cats.

Jada’s idea became a plan.

The plan took shape, with her family immediately by her side, Jada completed form after form, convinced her mum that her house needed more dogs too, found a animal transport company and started her small charity bringing dogs over from Ireland to live in her home whilst she found them forever loving homes.

She also applied for several credit cards, this wasn’t going to be cheap.

Every month, Jada had the toughest decisions to make, a growing number of vets, rescue centres, individuals had heard about Jada and her mum. They sent photos and descriptions of the dogs in their care. All the dogs needed and deserved to make the long journey, desperate for a new life.

Every month Jada sobbed whilst she chose physically and emotionally scarred dogs, that she knew no-one else would choose. She chose dogs that she knew she’d be able to home with ease to make room in her home for yet more dogs. She chose dogs in the middle of these extremes as she worried and cried for them that they hadn’t been chosen.

Jada is a hero, Jada is kind and compassionate, Jada is a hard arsed protector of dogs, all dogs. Jada believed that after the spin of the wheel and the luck of fate that the rescued dogs had, they deserved the best and ONLY the best.