Introducing Our Llamas

Did you know that a llama’s eyes reflect their wisdom?

They have many lessons to teach – leadership, the trust to follow, courage, dependability, resilience, community and how to simply “be”. Perhaps we should all be a little more llama.

Activity ~ Read on to find out more about our llamas; Which one do you share qualities with and can relate to the most? They can’t wait to meet you!


Born May 2011, Hannah is muma to Savannah and half sister to Portia and our beloved Ayesha. Hannah is stunning both in looks and height. She is a born leader and also holds the position of look out and alarm raiser (hell raiser!). If things are not as Hannah feels they should be, she will let out a llama alarm cry – a loud warbling noise made in the llamas throat. (Honestly, it’s a “thing”. You need to search for this on YouTube). Despite Hannah’s courage as a leader she is shy, but easily persuaded with a juicy carrot treat.

Llamas are natural guard animals and Hannah does a cracking job keeping our herd of llamas, goats and chickens safe. She also warns the wildlife for miles around when the ‘chasseurs’ are out and about!


Savannah, born May 2016, is Hannah’s daughter and she is an Amazon – a beautiful, brave giant of a llama. She is gentle, graceful and inquisitive, whilst also being lively, bold and full of spirit – she is 100% pure Sass! We challenge anyone not to fall in love with her at first sight. Although the youngest, Savannah is now our tallest llama. We think she has plans to become leader one day, but for now she trusts and learns from her mother Hannah.

When she was younger she used to hang out with the clowns (Axle and Brian). But now she is older she has less time for them and has joined the women full-time. Savannah is calm by nature and loves to stand with the crowd and watch what’s going on. 


Portia was born in June 2011, so is just a month younger than her elders. She is half sister to Ayesha and Hannah, sharing the same father, Yoda (flipping ‘eck, he was a busy boy!). She’s also mama to Lola. Without a doubt Portia is the sweetest llama in the whole of France, and allows us to lift her feet with absolutely no fuss at all. When asked nicely she will go and stand in her place, ready for her health check. She has the kindest face and looks at you with eyes full of wisdom. She is learning telepathy, and is extremely happy when her telepathic attempts result in her receiving extra llama treats. I forgot to mention that llamas are also quick learners!

One of Portia’s favourite pastimes is to spit at Brian. He can be a greedy monkey. Even though he’s her grandson, her patience does not extend to him stealing food from her.

Little Lola

Don’t be fooled by her adorable face and gentle charm – this little llama comes with a spit warning!

Lola’s birthday is August 2013. Her mama is Portia and Lola is Brian’s mama. All our llamas are excellent mothers, but Lola is simply the best, perhaps because she is easy going and dependable. Generally, she’s happy spending time with the other llamas, but quite often you’ll find her looking after the goats or with her son Brian – having found some juicy grass they are keeping quiet about.

Compared to the rest of our herd Lola is very small in size, but she has a strong mind. If any of the other llamas are not cooperating she sorts them out with a swift well-aimed spit!

Amazing Axle

Axle was born in April 2016. Son of Ayesha, he’s a favourite with visitors because of his striking colour – black with a white flash that stretches up his long, graceful neck. Axle loves to hang out with his best friend, Brian.

Because he has the world’s best food radar, Axle is a regular visitor to our kitchen window, also known as the canteen hatch! He isn’t fussy, whether its carrots, apples, cauliflower or spinach.. he likes all the food!

Axle is a courageous guard llama and shares his duties with his Aunt Lola. He can often be found with the goats, or keeping watch over all the llamas from the top of the mound. He’s definitely growing in confidence as he gets older.

Brian the Clown

Meet Brian. Born in May 2016, Brian is, without any shadow of a doubt, our most cuddly llama. In fact, he is way more cuddly than most llamas and would probably win medals and awards for his cuddling skills. This is a llama that just knows how to “be” and live in the moment.

Brian’s other favourite pastimes include chewing in our faces, sucking ponytails, giving kisses and receiving kisses. He also excels at pulling funny faces, being nosy, wriggling (they all like this!) and smiling. Despite being the one who is spat at the most, he is probably the happiest llama in the whole wide world.

Sweet Ayesha

Our darling Ayesha died suddenly in August 2021, forever loved and missed – Romp free our beautiful girl.

Born in May 2011, she was just 10 years old. Ayesha is Axle’s mama and she was the Boss. All leaders must be clear headed, calm, brave and fair – Ayesha was all these things. She was challenged a couple of times for leadership, but this brave, beautiful girl was never ready to give up her crown.

Ayesha’s favourite things were bananas, carrots and selfie photos with guests.

Our small llama herd has shown great resilience since they lost their leader. Their wisdom and roles within their community are strong and a great lesson to us all.